The Paradise Schools  Site Council shall be made up of at least 3 parents of students enrolled in the School who are not employed by the school, 3 teachers, 1 non-certified staff member and 1 community member. The Paradise Schools Council shall monitor and make recommendations for school improvement, school safety issues, curriculum and instructional strategies and designs, parent/educator relations, extra curricular activities and school uniforms. The Paradise Schools Council shall ensure that its recommendations shall be consistent with the School’s mission, goals, beliefs, and policies adopted by the Corporate Board or Governing Council. The Paradise Schools Council shall make its recommendations to the principals and the Executive Director. The Paradise Schools Council has no authority of the Corporation and cannot bind the Corporation.


Cheryl Hamilton Classified staff member
Elizabeth Daniel Teacher member
Deanna VerryTeacher member
Rachel PuuriTeacher member
Kelly StoddardCommunity member
Santee GravesParent member
Amy NicoliniParent member
Lisa Ghigo Parent member
 Site Council Meetings
in the PEC Campus Boardroom